Naming & Placing Sally's Pups

One of the many fun things about raising a litter of Coton puppies is thinking up preliminary puppy names for them. At Alika Cotons we pick a litter theme, then name all the pups appropriately. Of course a pup's new, forever owner can and sometimes does pick another, permanent official name for their puppy.

Sally's seven puppies had their first set of vaccinations and their first written veterinary examinations at 6 weeks of age, their second set of exams and vaccinations at ten weeks. They began outside the home socialization at six weeks of age. In car trips and outings, we estimate that well over 100-150 people have handled them. But for now, the matter at hand: their preliminary puppy names and forever home placements.

We chose the theme of the Pirates of Madagascar for both Dottie's and Sally's litters. Sally's litter takes on the name of important pirates and their ships. So join us now for a walk through some of the most colorful history of the Coton de Tulear's native home. Heave to! Avast mates! Ahoy! (did you know that when a pirate yells "avast" he is really telling you "stop!"?

Here, we have combined the fun we had namimg these wonderful pups with their first day in their forever homes. Meet the owners--the human companions--of Sally's pups...


Captain Thomas White, who we call "Captain," is a warm and loving soul. He is hugely popular during our socialization trips and his feet rarely touch the ground (he is picked up and held so often). His name comes from a British pirate who called Madagascar his home for seven years (1701-1708). He lived in Fort Dauphin and Saint Mary's Island, two places where I also temporarily called "home."

Pirates were necessarily the terrors of the seas, but in this tale of Thomas White, we see a compassionate side:

" Captain Benjamin Stacy, in a ketch of six guns, fell into their hands. They took what money he had and what goods and provisions they wanted. Among the money were 500 dollars, a silver mug, and two spoons belonging to a couple of children on board, who were under the care of Stacy. The children took on for their loss, and Captain White asked the reason for their tears, was answered by Stacy, and the above sum and plate were all the children had to bring them up. Captain White made a speech to his men, and told them it was cruel to rob the innocent children; upon which, by unanimous consent, all was restored to them again. Besides, they made a gathering among themselves and made a present to Stacy's mate, and other inferior officers, and about 120 dollars to the children. They then discharged Stacy and his crew, and made the best of their way out to the Red Sea."

----Charles Elms, 1837. "The Pirate's Own Book: Authentic Narratives of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers," Marine Research Society (Dover Reprint, 1993. Toronto, Canada).

We took Capt. White of Alika Cotons to meet his new human companions on August the 23rd. He now lives with the Liebowitz family: Donna and Ron and their two children, David and Jenny. He is shown above enjoying some quality time with David. His new, "forever name" is "DJ."



Dear "Tommy," as we call him, was named after one of Madagascar's most famous and well traveled pirates. Captain Thomas Tew had a wife and two children in Rhode Island and was sponsored in his piracy by the Governor of New York, Benjamin Fletcher. Tew, along with several other pirates, brought the concept of "Libertalia" (a pirate's democratic utopia) to the pirate island of Saint Mary, Madagascar. Thirty years ago, I had the privilege of studying pirates on Saint Mary's Island and walking the streets, breakwaters and parapets that three centuries before were built by pirates and home to 1,500 of them. Tew, by all accounts an interesting and complicated man, was part of Henry Every's pirate fleet. He was greatly admired by his devoted crew.

Tommy Tew of Alika Cotons went, intially, to live with David Bara and Irene Bez, shown above with him. They tried their best to keep him, but Irene developed allergies to Tom. So we now have Tommy back with us here at Alika. David and Irene were very good to him, and Tommy misses them very much. Tommy is a wonderful pup--with a few behavioral quirks (e.g., a hugely high energy level!) that require us to find him just the perfect home.

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