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1. Cloning a Champion Coton de Tulear

Latest Update: March 8th, 1997

Editorial 1:

Cloning a Champion Coton deTulear

First a sheep, then a monkey, now aChampion Coton de Tulear!

NEW YORK, NY. In a news conference March 8th,a spokesperson for the Coton de Tulear show dog fancy announced thata secret experiment in cloning a Champion Coton de Tulear provedsuccessful "beyond our wildest dreams." The cloned Coton was born ina secret, east coast location in November, 1996, from an implantedbit of a famous Champion Coton. The spokesperson declined to disclosewhat body part of the champion produced the identical offspring'sDNA.

The spokesperson noted that because of cloning, puppybuyers would pay extra for a cloned champion but "would no longerhave to spend a long weekend in a parking lot somewhere to get theirnew companion his World/International Championship. Now, all theCotons we sell will beborn champions! Everybuyer will get xeroxed Championship papers and copies of all theribbons for a modest extra charge!"

"Think of the advantages," she continued, "no moreCoton sex acts which so disturb a show dog's coat! No more politicsof the show ring. No more time spent disputing a judge's judgement orpaying to stuff our newsletters with pictures of judges posing nextto our dogs."

Dr. Robert Jay Russell of the Coton de Tulear Club ofAmerica responded negatively when asked about the cloning experiment."It was bad enough when show dog fanciers line-bred their championstuds," he said, "now, with tens-of-thousands of cloned Cotonspossible, the breed will loseall its valuablegenetic diversity virtually overnight! The beautiful Black &White and Tri-color Cotons, long rejected by the show fanciers, willdisappear." Dr. Russell added, "Cloning is biologically unsound and apotential disaster for all dog breeds, not just the Coton de Tulear.Who knows what deleterious traits will be permanently cloned-in to abreed?"

Responding to Dr. Russell, the Show Fancy'sspokesperson stated, "Once again, Dr. Russell is attacking the Cotonshow fancy for no good reason. Him and his stupid, big word,scientific stuff. The nerve! With our cloned champion, we haverealized all our dreams. Apart from a slight problem with the cloneddog's temperament, we Show people now have the perfection we'vesought since October of 1995. We have atoy-sized Coton that's all white, with black nose pigment andexcellent black eye rings."

We ask you, dear reader, to make up your own mind onthis important subject. To view an exclusive,Coton News & InformationNetwork photograph of this "ideal" show fancyCoton, please click -->HERE.

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