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The CTCA's Code of Ethics (refer to:Ethics) is changing to better protect the buyers and the breed.We called for comments and questions, and we received many emails andtelephone calls. We think it is gratifying to the club and importantfor the Coton de Tulear breed that so many people take the CTCA'sCode of Ethics seriously. Most comments to date have been extremelypositive. We'd like to share some of the most interesting questionswith you here...

On 5/30/98 2:54 PM, Diane Callison(Dry CreekCotons) wrote:

Regarding the new Code of Ethics, Ihave excerpted some quotes and would like clarification...

"... it will be required to have aveterinary examination (with a specific blood test and a CTCAcheck-off form completed by the vet) and it will be evaluated by thebreeder..." When will we see this check-off form?

A new provision of the CTCA Code of Ethics:

"...If I want to matemy CTCA Coton with a non-CTCA Coton (i.e., a stud dog or bitchregistered only with another registry), I will register said dog withthe CTCA prior to my planned mating. I understand that this dog mustpass exactly the same registry requirements that are in effect toclassify a dog as "CTCA Breedable." [NB: at this time, the owner neednot be listed on the CTCA BreedersProgram(tm), but the club recommends that he/she join theCTCA Breeders Program(tm) .

Diane Callison (Dry Creek Cotons) wrote:

If I wanted to breed one of my CTCAregistered dogs to a non-CTCA registered dog (but one with FCIregistration) and the owner of that dog agreed to have the dog passthe vet exams you [will] propose, BUT that owner (for personalreasons) does not want that dog to be registered with the CTCA, doesthis mean (A) the pups are not CTCA registerable? and/or (B) I wouldnot be allowed to remain on the CTCA Breeder's List?

A new provision of the CTCA Code of Ethics:

"..I understand thatgenetic aggression, a recently discovered syndrome in this breed, isa serious problem. If one of my pups is diagnosed with this syndromeor is suspected to be afflicted with this disorder, I will notify theCTCA of this defect and I will stand by this pup and its buyer. Iunderstand that the CTCA recommends that my sales contract contain aprovision to cover this possibility and that it protects theinterests of both the afflicted puppy and its owner..."

Diane Callison stated:

I have a problem with this because Ihave never personally observed "genetic aggression" and don't knowthat I agree that it is a "syndrome" or even a serious problem. Myfeeling is that the breed is naturally highly protective -- somethingthat can be confused with aggression -- and that descriptions of thebreed's natural temperament have been sugar-coated in thepast.

Diane Callison (Dry Creek Cotons) and Juli Renois (CasaBlanca Cotons) questioned this new provision of the Code of Ethics:

"J. Pursuant to article"I" above, I will not subscribe to any other Code of Ethics or policystatement that would render my adherence to any aspect of this Codeof Ethics null and void. Acceptance of Article V. "J." must be inwriting."

Diane Callison wrote:

Does this mean that if I am listed onanother club's breeders list (an agree to follow FCI standards inclassifying pups with that club), I will not be allowed to remain onthe CTCA breeder's list?

Diane Callison wrote:

I have a problem with the FCI colorissue, as you know. But I have an equal problem with the CTCAstandard's weight range. I will not classify pups I think will goover 15 pounds as show quality. Does this mean I am not following theCTCA standard? I don't follow the FCI standard because I breed dogswith color -- including true black -- but I inform buyers of the factthat those dogs would not be allowed in the show ring.

Diane Callison wrote:

One thing you omitted [in the CTCA'sCode of Ethics] was an "outside" age for breeding females.

Diane Callison continues:

Most dog clubs use 8 years old forfemales.

On 5/30/98 8:17 PM, Sylvia Jordan(ChateauTejas) wrote:

A few questionsregarding the Code of Ethics. Are you going to provide samplecontracts for A.5.; B.5.; and H.4.?

Sylvia Jordan (Chateau Tejas) wrote:

Do I understandcorrectly that the breeder is basically responsible for all"potentially breedable" coton puppies until they are a year old andcan be "certified" so to speak?

Sylvia Jordan wrote:

I think that there isvery good intentions behind this code, but I was quite overwhelmedjust reading it. There are so many items that a breeder has to complywith before they can meet your standard.

Sylvia Jordan wrote:

I will be anxious tohear your response to Diane's questions also and any others you canshare with all of us!

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