Texaco's Pups' 14th Week

Going to their Forever homes... Morgan



When we took Morris (Theodore "Teddy Bear" MG Russell Black of Alika Cotons, see previous page) to present to the Blacks on July 24th, they had felt strongly that Morgan, Teddy's brother, should go back to Virginia with them. But, Morgan, above, who was with us at the time, was not yet placed because we were keeping him for close observation. He had developed a cute but curious head tilt, and we took Morgan to specialists several states away to get their opinion. After numerous tests and examinations, Morgan was pronounced healthy, but probably destined to tilt his head often due to some sort of vestibular deformity. It doesn't impact his health in any way--he runs and plays and walks and jumps with vigor! But still, we were concerned he'd have a placement that would share his progress with us. Naturally, Alika Cotons will back the little guy 100% (with money-back guarantees and contracts to rescue him should anything ever go wrong). The crucial thing for us was insuring that little Morgan had the best possible placement. And, as they day unfolded, it was quite obvious that Morgan belonged with Teddy and Samantha and Daniel. So, we took Morgan back to New York with us for even more exams and should all go well, he would be neutered and could rejoin the Blacks in a few weeks.

On August 7th, Morgan was ready, so we once more headed south and the Blacks--Samantha, Daniel and Teddy--headed north to Wilkes-Barre to meet us. What a great reunion the two brothers had. And Morgan got a new name. He's now--inhale again--"Thaddeus Bear Morgan Russell Black of Alika Cotons."


As it happened, August 7th was my (RJR's) birthday. Samantha and Daniel surprised me with a wonderful birthday party: lunch, a bottle of Merlot (my fav), a Windham Hill Relaxation CD (I'm chillin') and even a lucky coin buried in the birthday pie. For those keeping tabs of these things, I am now 58 years old. I've spent more than half my life with Cotons and am thrilled to share a life's passage with friends and puppies like Morgan and Teddy. Life is good.



Shown below is the very happy family (Teddy with Daniel, Morgan with Samantha).


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