Texaco's Pups' First Week...

Here's the whole gang, waiting for gasoline prices to decline.

Waiting at the pump.

The pup's first week went perfectly. They ate, were groomed, slept, and ate some more. Their body weights increased ideally, and mom Texaco settled into a calm routine. She is relaxed and in great shape.

We decided on preliminary names for these pups. Their new owners may well choose other, permanent, official CTCA names, but these preliminary Alika puppy names will serve the four pups through early socialization. Besides, we love to choose theme names for a litter. Texaco Starr, named after her birthplace (a Texaco station on the way to our veterinarian's office), begs to have her pups named in automotive themes. She had a litter of world famous race tracks and race series before (i.e., Charlotte, Winston, etc.) and now (drum roll please), these little cuties are named after venerable British automobile marques. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you...

Birth Order



Birth Wt.

Week Old Wt.

in photo above



White male

7.5 oz.

13.6 oz

far right



Black & White female

7.7 oz

12.8 oz

second from left


"MG" (Morris)

Tri-color male

6.5 oz

12.1 oz

second from right



Tri-color male

6.3 oz

11.1 oz

far left

The pup's passed their 3rd week of life on May 21st. They continue their vigorous growth. Their senses are rapidly developing. They lack coordination, but not determination as you can see from the picture of Morgan on his three-wheeler that follows:

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