Texaco's Pups' 6th Week, part 1

June 11th, was the pups' biggest day to date. This was their first full veterinary examination and their first vaccinations. It was also their first trip outside the house and their first car ride. As you can see, Morgan (right) is attired in his natty goggles and leather helmet in preparation for the excursion.

These veterinary exams are important. The pups' new owners receive a copy, signed by the vet, of the 6th week and the 10th week examinations. They can take these to their veterinarian for their post-delivery examination. These puppy examinations check eyes, ears, heart, lungs, patellas, hips, abdomen, skin, pigmentation (eye rings, nose, coat color), temperament, and more.

They all passed their exams and enjoyed long car trip (sleeping on their backs most of the way!). Amazingly, none of them so much as pooped or peed the whole day--a six hour outing--but all waited until they got home to their puppy piddle pad in their room to relieve themselves! This is a first for us. They all posed nicely for their 6th Week portraits, too...



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