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Welcome to the mCTCA!

Devoted to the Coton de Tulear since 1976


The Oldest & Largest Coton Club 

The Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America (mCTCA) is the oldest Coton Breed club and registry, having been founded in 1976. 


The mCTCA introduced to North America the rare, original, Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed which was developed over centuries on the island of Madagascar as a small, intelligent, muscular, laid-back, companion class dog. 

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mCTCA Board of Directors

President Emeritus - Laurie Spalding, Alika Cotons (NY)

Chairperson - Lauren Word, Cotton Row Cotons (GA)

Vice-Chairperson - Michele Crockett, Magiclands Ranch Cotons (CO)

Secretary - CC Spiliotis-Hill, Crabapple Crossing Cotons (GA)

Dr. Robert Jay Russel


In June of 2019, Dr. Robert Jay Russell (pictured above), founder of the Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America, passed away. He was a friend to Cotons and did much to further the breed. Through his work and dedication many of us have found our most beloved pet companion. Those of us who are members of the mCTCA hope to carry on his legacy for many years to come!

The OLDEST Coton de Tulear Breed Club in the World

Devoted to the Coton de Tulear since 1976

mCTCA registered Cotons de Tulear may only be acquired through mCTCA Code of Ethics Breeders. The mCTCA has the longest enforced Code of Ethics and mandatory health testing in the Coton world.  

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