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The Coton de Tulear, pronounced "coe-TAWN day TULE-ee-r," means "cotton of Tulear." The Coton is a rare, ancient pure-breed that originated on the island of Madagascar more than three centuries ago.

The Coton was exclusively the dog of Royal Malagasy nobles earning it the title "Royal Dog of Madagascar". See Brief History of the Coton for more information on the History of the Coton.

Cotons are very intelligent, easy to train, and uncommonly gentle and laid back. They get along well with children and most pets. Cotons are calm, sturdy dogs, most of whom enjoy the well-intentioned rough-housing of children. Cotons retain their puppy-like joy throughout their long lives. 


Please note that the behavior of any given dog is based upon the dog's heredity and its environment. Poor early socialization can lead to problems for any dog of any breed. You should check with your breeder to determine your particular puppy's genetic and behavioral history. 

Breed History

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Tall Cotons

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